Andy Butler has been on a journey of the heart. Hercules and Love Affair has seen him deftly navigate many different sonic worlds, his music lighting up dance floors at one moment and nudging listeners into contemplation and emotional catharsis at others. One thing remains constant: the extremely personal nature of the work reflecting his own odyssey. The voice of Hercules and Love Affair is a singular one, not swayed by tides and trends but rather pulled in directions Butler has been spiritually compelled to travel to. Over the years he has been honored to have collaborated with artists such as Anohni (Antony and the Johnsons), Sharon Van Etten, John Grant, Faris Badwan (The Horrors), Krystle Warren and Mashrou Leila and others. Change is the one of the strongest currents in the story of Hercules and Love Affair, with a subtle but very evident evolution taking place from record to record. Listeners and seekers are encouraged to join in Butler’s passage through the world; the path moving forward is clear, with the depth and breadth of his work only increasing and intensifying.